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I passionately believe in family insurance, and by that I mean protecting our loved ones from the financial trauma that often follows a crisis.  Whether that is an accident, an illness or death.

I am constantly surprised by the sheer number of families who do not have any cover AT ALL!!  Yet happily pay car insurance and have boiler cover.

Does this mean these people don’t love their families like I do?  Of course not!

I am however interested in the reasons for people not taking cover for the most valuable asset you have – YOU.  Here are just a few reasons and my responses…

I don’t know what I need or where to get it

That’s easy!  Find an adviser, I would recommend seeing someone face to face, get in touch with us or ask someone you know has cover to recommend who they used.  We know what you need, who is best, who is cheaper and we will help get it sorted.

It’s too expensive! 

Really?  It can be as cheap as £5 a month, with an adviser to help you decide for yourself just how much it costs.

It won’t happen to me, I’m really healthy.

This is my favourite, do you genuinely think that the person who got cancer, has a car accident or dies suddenly walked around thinking ‘Ohhhh, it will happen to me’? – NO of course they didn’t, the thing is it MIGHT happen to any of us, we are NOT invincible.

The Insurance Companies won’t pay out.

This simply is not true – but you do have to check small print and answer health questions accurately.  I would never buy something so important online or without taking advice.  We know which company is best for different kinds of cover, and which companies are financially secure.  Use an adviser to help – they can make sure you get good quality cover.

The ‘State’ will help.

With all the government cuts do you really think that will be the case?  Sick pay is £84 per week, bereavement lump sums don’t even cover a funeral.  I wouldn’t want the government looking after my family in a crisis…

I haven’t got the time.

MAKE TIME, how sad would it be if it was too late?  A adviser will come and see you at your convenience – make an appointment TODAY!

Tel: 01663 762845

Email: info@spherefs.co.uk

But there is another barrier – its a depressing conversation.  One we don’t want to think about.  But we owe it to the people we love to sit down for an hour with a caring and compassionate adviser and think about these terrible things and get a solution that suits your family.  Once that conversation is over, you will have peace of mind and the confidence to forget about it completely and get on with enjoying the precious gift that is LIFE!

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