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This morning I came across this really sad post in the midst of a blog I follow (The Unmumsy Mum – very funny blog!)

When I see things like this I always feel so sad, but my sadness is always on two levels.  I get sad that terrible things like this happen to families and also to lovely people ( wouldn’t it be easier if bad things just happened to horrid evil people! ) – But then I get sad that there wasn’t insurance in place to help Jo get to Arizona with ease and much less stress.

I don’t know Jo’s actual circumstances. My goal is to reduce the number of people having to rely on donations to get treatment they need urgently.

You see, Life Insurance isn’t always about dying.

It can, and often is, about staying alive – Exactly what Jo is trying to do.  I can think of 2 completely different insurance situations that would have helped Jo on her journey.

She could have had Critical Illness cover and on diagnosis this would have given her a lump sum that would have either paid for the trip or at least paid towards it.  That is the more expensive option.


She could have normal life insurance and have opted to pay an extra £4 a month to have access to Global Treatment.  Which would give her access to the best treatment anywhere in the world and would also pay for Rudy to travel with her.

I really want to help Jo, and hopefully she won’t mind me trying to use her situation to help others avoid it.

What about you?  This time PLEASE don’t read my words and dismiss them, or think that your cover from work is anywhere near as good as you need it to be ( free things tend not to be!)

RIGHT NOW – Give me a call – 07740 357337 or email me –  nicola@spherefs.co.uk – and get YOU and YOUR family quality cover you can count on. ( I will then donate another £4 to Jo )

www.breatheforjo.co.uk (in case you want to donate yourself)

Who knows your life insurance might just keep you alive.

I started my donations to Jo with £200 this morning.

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